Time for Two. Love as Action, not just Feeling

It’s important for couples to talk about work, parenting, money issues, and the practicalities of life. Yet, it’s also important for couples to spend time together simply enjoying each other’s company as they did when they first met.

Deliberately Romantic

The busyness of life, particularly when there are children, makes it difficult to purposely make time to relish being together without a particular agenda or purpose. When you spend all day being a responsible parent, planning schedules, giving advice, or dealing with controversies at work, it takes deliberation to switch into a connecting mode.

Co-parents and Housemates

If that conscious choice isn’t made, then couples tend to relate to each other as responsible parents, for example, and the partners will respond as either a good child or as a rebellious child. Either way, it’s a parent/child relation. Or partners may relate as co-workers, which doesn’t do much for the magic in a relationship either.