The Alchemy Of Light In Sacred Union

The Alchemy Of Light In Sacred Union

Katrina Vasiliou and Andrew Campbell

Couples intensive retreat

“The alchemy of light in sacred union” is a transformative journey for couples that has been in conception for Kat and Andy separately for over 25 years. They have now come together themselves in sacred union to bring their experience, connection and teachings to the light of other couples wanting divine sacred union.

• A sacred union can only exist within two people; it moulds to promote completion within any individual through a healing and regeneration process that two partners reflect together in the space created in sacred union.

• The process of this sacred union is of your souls divinely alchemizing to become one.

• This is not a programme for couples in crisis it is a programme for couples, who want to transcend their experience of intensity to intimacy, from safety and co-dependency to divine light, love and truth, to form a relationship in intimacy and connection as one so close and so complete, becoming and remembering its existence with God.

The course is an intensive three-hour session face to face every month for 3 months with fortnightly counselling sessions in between with full support throughout the course.

Kat’s mission is to assist and guide the collective, as well as helping all who connect with me to step into their own light and power. The beauty about living on this plane is that we all have something called free will and choice. My role as a Lightworker is to assist, support, guide and work as a clear channel. It is then up to the individual to act according to their own teachings and learnings. Note: there is no wrong or right, we are all here for the teaching experience. Kat has also worked as a counsellor running group therapy for women and relationship counselling.

I welcome the opportunity to connect and assist couples in helping them step into your own light and power to form a powerful sacred union.

Andy has 25 years’ experience working as a clinical hypnotherapist, individual counsellor, relationship counsellor and running groups and workshops for men. Andy also has 8 years’ experience serving in the medicine world.

Both Kat and Andy bring a wealth of diverse knowledge and experience to come together to offer this unique experience for couples.

For further details and bookings Male partners call Andy on 0405 600 337 female partners call Kat on 0451 270 710

Phone: 0405 600 337
Suite 4.31, 200 Central Coast Hwy, Erina, NSW 2250
or Hepburn Ave, Gladesville, NSW 2111