• Individual Counselling

    If you're feeling lost or stuck we have a safe path you can follow 

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  • Relationship Counselling

    Remember how it was? Maybe it can be that way again.

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  • Clinical Hypnotherapy

    Looking for someone who can just sort it out fast?

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  • Clinical Supervision

    I specialise in areas of domestic violence, anger management and generalist clinical supervisions and I am available for counsellors, psychotherapists and social workers.

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  • Alchemy of the Sacred Union

    “The alchemy of light in sacred union” is a transformative journey for couples that has been in conception for Kat and Andy separately for over 25 years.

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  • Parenting/Circle of Security Facilitator

    Take the stress out of parenting - tap into your child's needs and give yourself some peace.
    Call for individual and group sessions.

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Andrew J Campbell. BCHC, MACA.

Specialist relationship counsellor

Individual counsellor 

Clinical hypnotherapist and clinical supervisor


 Monday and Tuesday from 10am till 10pm

 Wednesday phone, FaceTime and Zoom sessions

Making an appointment could change your life

Call 0405 600 337 or fill out the form below.
Andrew will contact you ASAP

Practice Location

Suite 4.31, Level 4
The Element Building
200 Central Coast Hwy
Erina, NSW 2250

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Men and their relationship to shame

I believe no person is born into the world in a shamed state. Whatever differences of personality or endowment appear among newborn babies, every boy and girl child is born into the world equipped and ready to be itself. Babies are born whole and vital. Basically then, Shame must be taught, learned. ..continue reading


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Intimacy and sexual intimacy rather than Intensity/co-dependence

Intimacy and Sexual intimacy requires going beyond our safe and familiar ways of being in relationship. To deepen intimacy, we need to express and show new and hidden parts of ourselves to our partner. Therefore, a strong sense of self and a commitment to personal and relationship growth are essential to tolerate the internal upset associated with fear of failure and rejection. ..continue reading

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