Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Discover how our modern advanced hypnotherapy can help you… fast

Advanced Hypnotherapy and strategic psychotherapy: Practice at Erina.

Looking for someone who can just sort this out…fast?

Andrew was trained under Gordon Young, Australian Institute of clinical Hypnotherapy.

Ask about my one session stop smoking?


Apart from our experience, the key to our success is that we use a very particular form of advanced hypnosis that most therapists in Australia have never had access to. It focuses very much on addressing the “experiential gaps” in your approach to the situation, and arms you to better deal with similar situations in the future. Our approach is solution oriented brief therapy and most clients usually require no more than 3 to 4 sessions to deal with a particular issue.

You might be comforted to note that it does not matter how long you have had the problem, or what you have done to try to change it in the past – we can still make a significant difference in just a few hours.

What Do We Do?
Relationship Issues/Family dynamics issues
Pain/Physical Ailments
Performance/Study Skills

Our Fees

NLP and Hypnotherapy are not regulated professions. Standards vary widely and you might be talking to a “Hypnotherapist” who has done a weekend course, or you could be talking to a HYPNOTHERAPIST who has several years of training and experience with all of the appropriate insurances, memberships and qualifications. This means comparisons can be difficult.

Are We Right For You?

If we are right for you, you do not want to spend time talking about the past excessively. You just want to solve the issue, and if possible, shift the underlying cause of the issue.

If you have been struggling with the emotional costs of relationship breakdowns, general anxiety, depression, and overall poor quality of life, then we are your best option.

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