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Individual Counselling



These struggles can feel overwhelming and we are often not sure where we can turn. These struggles however, usually can be resolved with individual counselling. Speaking to a counsellor will help you understand the difficulties you face and enable you to find effective solutions. As your counsellor we will be there to support you throughout the whole process. You never need feel alone.

What you can expect

We provide you with a safe place to illuminate, discover and understand the problems and concerns in your life. You will be able to talk about your issues freely. You will be able to talk through your concerns in a non-judgmental safe environment and in a way that you may not be able to do with friends, colleagues and family. Our empathic approach allows you to process your life and come out the other side, happier, healthier and with the new tools to tackle any issues.

Our Full Understanding

For counselling to be effective it is very important that we take the time to understand you, your situation, your needs and concerns before going on to look for solutions. We will identify the causes of your problems and any other factors that influence your situation. By taking the time to thoroughly understand your situation we are more able to allow a healing space rather than simply looking at the symptoms.

Together we focus on the underlying issue

In identifying the causes of your issues rather than trying to treat the symptoms we are able to challenge the beliefs and emotions that underpin your struggles. We can discover the old ways and patterns used to protect you that have now become unhelpful. Together we then explore new ways for you to evaluate these situations and respond to them in ways that are helpful and still providing protection for yourself and better ways of communicating with others.

In many cases clients are unsure of how the mind, body and spirituality work and I can provide you with information; education, insight and support, to help you understand not only how they work but how they work best for you and your situations.

We provide you with the space to resolve and find resources to find your own effective strategies

We base our methods on current research as well as a holistic range of modalities that treat the body mind and spirituality. We are able to provide you with strategies as well as helping you to find your own natural resources, this method has proven effectiveness. Sometime these strategies are as simple as providing you with information. Sometimes these strategies are directed at effectively changing your behaviours. Sometimes we will do deeper work that changes underlying beliefs you learned as a child. We help individuals overcome their problems and concerns:

Counselling can help with:

• Build self confidence and self esteem
• Learn how to resolve your conflicts effectively
• Relationship issues
• Improve work performance
• Improved interpersonal communications
• Survivors of sexual abuse
• Stop smoking
• Manage grief and loss
• Overcome depression, stress and anxiety
• Childhood Trauma

Individual counselling is the best place to start if you are having any kind of problems or concerns.

Taking the first step

If you believe you would benefit from individual counselling please call or fill out the online form, you ask me any question you may have around the counselling process or if your issue will benefit from my methods.

Don’t wait and struggle on by yourself call and get the support and understanding you are looking for. Counselling and psychotherapy helps!